All Shades of Iberibe


“Kasimma is a brave, inventive, new voice. I’m captivated by her stories.” —Okey Ndibe, author of Arrows of Rain and Foreign Gods, Inc.

All Shades of Iberibe pulses with wit and wisdom. In stories that often surprise, that often blur the line between the living and the dead, Kasimma presents a Nigeria that is peopled with characters struggling as much to understand as to be understood.” —Chika Unigwe, author, Better Never Than Late and Night Dancer


In the Nigerian language Igbo “iberibe” means “messed up.” This stunning short story collection by Kasimma grabs readers and pulls them into the cities and villages of today’s Nigeria. Against the glare of smartphone screens, spirits of the dead flicker, elders admonish their grown children, rituals are done in secret, and the scars of war are just below the surface in the lives of astonishingly vivid characters. Kasimma’s stories effortlessly inhabit the dark, alluring, and beautiful spaces between mystical Nigerian traditions and our strange contemporary condition.


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