Kindness Separates Night from Day


“Marija Dejanović’s poems are chapters of an unwritten novel. Or chapters of life. Written with great talent, but also with an equally great stake in life, these poems send an important message and lesson to the distant galaxy: there are no bigger differences than small differences, we are truly different only from those who are very close to us. Gentle, scary, and universal poetry.” —Miljenko Jergović, Author of Kin

“Themes of isolation and transience simmer throughout, as Dejanović effectively captures the sense of otherness.” —Poetry Foundation


In Kindness Separates Night From Day, Marija Dejanović “looks at herself from a distance until she recognizes herself.” This collection is a marvel of refined verse that explores the concept of the eternal stranger: the self. As a deeply perceptive witness with a passion for reflection, Dejanović’s ideas unfold and bloom throughout as memory and history surface in the present, and recast it, to awaken readers from the slumber of self-evident happiness and make clear with crystalline imagery the beneficial truths of harsh realities.


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