Neon South


“The associative flares and dark literary and historical humor wedged in the baroque prose poetry of Neon South set the mind spinning. Recreating Latin America in its bars, markets, and political scars, Marko Pogačar portrays characters etched deeply into their surroundings with razor-sharp words and unctuous analogies.” Lisa Rose Bradford


Neon South is an off-the-beaten-path Latin American travel narrative that unfolds like a novel, shadowing locals all too aware of how outside influences, from colonialism to globalism, have changed their lives. From the drug cartel-controlled squares of Mexico to Venezuelan jungles where the outside world threatens traditions, Marko Pogačar absorbs all he encounters with the eyes and words of a poet, finding humor in the absurd and intimacy in despair. Unexpected similarities surface in the assemblage of these tropical experiences fused together with Pogačar’s memories of living through the dissolution of Yugoslavia: “After all, are our customs, our kingdoms, our churches and wars, our arsons and human sacrifices one iota different from the Aztec ones?”


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